How to Plan Your Video Production Shot

For some, recording their life after a cancer diagnosis, and cataloging what they go through helps them cope. It also allows family and friends to come together for you and give you even more encouraging words. If you want to produce a video of your journey here are some great tips from the pros!


In the video production and video journaling business, it’s all about one thing, the perfect shot! So how do you go about planning and preparing for that perfect shot? Thinking in terms of what people want, they respond best to faces, emotion and voices. In order to get that perfect shot, your video should contain all of these elements.


Now that you understand what is behind the perfect shot, let’s take a look how to achieve it.

Prepare for Your Video Shoot


Before you start anything at all you want to define why you are creating this video. Your video must have a purpose and audience you are trying to appeal to. In this case, it’s for yourself and for your friends and family.


These are the two most important elements in the planning phase, as Lemonlight Media, a video production company in Austin, explains. Creating yourself a project brief which is an outline of the expectations you have for your video shoot will allow you to ensure everything stays on track and that everyone involved in the process is on the same page.



All project briefs should contain:


Project Overview:

The project overview should be two to three sentences that summarize what your topic and purpose of your video truly are. What is the audience you want to appeal to? Why are you even shooting this video in the first place? The small details in the video production business can make the biggest differences in the video.



This will be your description of your project. You will want to list out how many videos you want to make, the length of each video and how long you plan to film.


Video Outline:

You want to think of each separate video if you are making multiple ones in terms of a story. You will want to have a beginning that introduces your audience to your video, a middle and then a conclusion. Whether you are only making one, or many, these are all key points you will want to cover during filming.


Purchasing the Right Equipment


video-production-cancer-treatment-right-equipmentYou can’t get that perfect shot without the right equipment. You will want to ensure you have everything you need for success. Cameras are important, and it is recommended that you have at least two of them. You will want each to capture your video from different angles. This will help you during the editing process to piece together a seamless production.


Lighting is another important must in any video production business. You want to make sure you purchase quality lighting the is consistent throughout your filing process. Without the right lighting, that perfect shot will just be a thing of your dreams.




Once you have all the proper planning and preparation out of the way, it’s time to put your experience to work. Practice makes perfect, so remember you won’t get that perfect shot on the first take, it may, in fact, take a few or more. Once you’ve developed a consistent filming style that works for you, it’s time to let the editing masters do the work. During editing, you can have input on what you think the perfect shot looks like and help piece together the right frames to capture its beauty.

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