About Us

Knowing a loved one who is going through the trauma of being diagnosed with cancer, or discovering you have cancer, is one of the hardest things for anyone to experience. But even though doctors do not have a cure for most types of cancer, the information we have about various forms of cancer is much greater than what was present ten or fifteen years in the past. And thanks to the internet, we all have access to the information as well. If you want to know more about cancer because you have been diagnosed, or you want to help support a family member or friend in the best way you can, you have come to the right place.

While we do not regard ourselves as the definitive source on anything related to cancer, we create video content that attempts to educate people about various types of cancer, along with providing helpful tips for people who may be suffering after receiving a cancer diagnosis. The period where you learn about having cancer is described by most as being the most traumatic and emotionally frustrating period of their lives. We can only hope that our videos will help you in some small way, and if these videos make your life a little easier after you learn about your cancer diagnosis, we have done our jobs.

These videos are written and produced by a team of creative talents who all have some type of experience with cancer. Members on our team have either battled cancer in the past, or knew a loved one who suffered from cancer. Some have even lost friends and family members to cancer. And we all have a common goal – to spread information, awareness, support and sympathy for cancer sufferers. Our videos touch on a broad range of cancer-related topics, and we hope you will check them out.